Data Download Steps

Step 1. Zoom to your area of interest or clip extent:

Step 2. Click on below and check the layers you wish to clip:

Step 3: Enter your email address:

Step 4: Click download button and wait for a successful notification below button:

***Quick Help***
Scale Requirements:
To clip and view downloadable layers, you must be zoomed in past a a map display scale of 1,000,000.
How to view data:
Use the Map Layers menu and check on or off which layers you want displayed.
Downloadable Layers Legend:
 -Click on to display that layer on map.
 -Click on to open metadata document for that layer.
How to position map:
1. Use Locate Tools
2. Use scale slider bar
3. With pointer on map:
 -Directional Pan: use arrow keys on keyboard
 -Dynamic Pan: hold left mouse button down and move mouse
 -Zoom In/Out: use mouse wheel
 -Zoom In: double left mouse click
 -Zoom In to an Area: hold the shift key and left mouse button down to create box.
Need more Wyoming spatial data:
Try the Wyoming GeoLibrary
Comments or Questions: Email Us
Data Categories

Set Transparency of Downloadable Layers:
  1. Full
  2. 50%
  3. Not

Downloadable layers only visible at map scales at and between 1:8,000 and 1:500,000.
Zoom to a Township

Zoom to a Geographic Coordinate
Longitude:  W (-ddd.ddddd)
Latitude:     N (dd.ddddd)

Zoom to a USGS 7.5 Quad Boundary