Imagery Access Steps
Step 1. Zoom to your area of interest.
Step 2. Locate your quadrangle of interest within the USGS 7.5' Quadrangles list.
Step 3. Click on the icon or quadrangle name to see available data for this quadrangle.
Step 4. Click on link to download specific data.

***Quick Help***
Scale Requirements:
To view USGS 7.5 minute quadrangles, you must zoom in the map to a display scale at or between 1:250,000 thru 1:8,000.
How to view data:
Use the Map Layers menu and check on or off which layers you want displayed.
How to position map:
1. Use Locate Tools
2. Use scale slider bar
3. With pointer on map:
 -Directional Pan: use arrow keys on keyboard
 -Dynamic Pan: hold left mouse button down and move mouse
 -Zoom In/Out: use mouse wheel
 -Zoom In: double left mouse click
 -Zoom In to an Area: hold the shift key and left mouse button down to create box.
Need more Wyoming spatial data:
Try the Wyoming GeoLibrary
Comments or Questions: Email Us
Data Categories
Zoom to a Township

Zoom to a USGS 7.5 Quad Boundary