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The Wyoming GeoLibrary is an Internet site that provides the Wyoming geospatial community the ability to easily and efficiently access and disseminate spatial data. This Wyoming resource was created and currently is maintained by WyGISC to support and promote the use of the most current and accurate spatial data throughout Wyoming. To contribute your metadata to the Wyoming GeoLibrary please examine the Publisher Guide and follow the steps presented in this document.
You can simply...
Find Data
Input any single term (e.g. water) or phrase surrounded by double quotes (e.g. "water quality").
You can do more...
Perform advanced searches of the GeoLibrary based on the data type, thematic category, and/or location of the spatial data described by the metadata.
Browse Data
Browse metadata records listed alphabetically based on either a data source, theme or type cateogry.

The Wyoming GeoLibrary Application was built using the ArcGIS Server Geoportal Extension 9.3.1. Please read the Disclaimer and Privacy or Contact Us.